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Art, propaganda and the cult of personality

As the taxi was approaching Mexico’s Chapultepec Park, I rolled down the window to get a better view of the beautiful green space. I was also anxious to reach a recently renovated part of the park, right on the edge, called Mexico-Azerbaijan Friendship Park. 

We are a generation of war

As I sat down to write this personal reflection on recent tensions on the frontline, I realised that writing about Nagorno Karabakh - not as a journalist, analyst, or someone with experience working in conflict transformation, but as a citizen - is hard. It is emotional, it is painful, and it is infuriating.

Online Harassment: Strategies for Journalists’ Defense

Knight Center's new MOOC, "Online Harassment: Strategies for Journalists’ Defense."

During this four-week course, I was among four instructors who shared skills and knowledge about online privacy and how to better protect yourself while working as a journalist, and the global context of online harassment.

COVID-19 in the Caucasus

The response to COVID-19 in the Caucasus has varied, but Georgia was by far the most successful in combating the virus. Azerbaijan and Armenia, meanwhile, are still struggling. What policies helped Georgia stay on top of the coronavirus, and what could the rest do to reverse the trend?

Why has Nagorno-Karabakh flared up again?

Armenia and Azerbaijan have fought over Nagorno-Karabakh many times before. The renewed fighting this week seems more serious than usual, however, with both sides deploying heavy weaponry and weighty rhetoric. As casualties on both sides mount, and as Turkey and Russia both take a close interest in the conflict, Andrew Mueller asks Siranuysh Gevogyan, Arzu Geybulla and Peter Liakhov why this is happening again – and if there is a long-term solution.

Opinion | Azerbaijan’s COVID-19 response: anything but adequate

Azerbaijan’s response to the pandemic has been heavy-handed, authoritarian, and ineffectual. It has served the interests of its ruling elites to the detriment of ordinary citizens and its embattled opposition.

How does Facebook explain the disappearance of police violence videos in Azerbaijan?

In the wake of a recent protest wave in Azerbaijan, content relating to police violence has disappeared from social media and been blocked from the web.

Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia sign peace deal over Nagorno-Karabakh

(CNN)Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has announced he had signed an "unspeakably painful agreement" with Russia and Azerbaijan to end the war over the disputed area of Nagorno-Karabakh, just hours after Azerbaijan claimed it captured the region's strategic city of Shusha.​

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